ProMath was created in May 1995 by a group of University of Kentucky mathematics faculty. The main purpose was to give Lexington area high school students an opportunity to work on interesting, challenging mathematical problems and to develop their problem solving skills and taste for individual work in Mathematics. The program ran from September 1995 to December 1996 and had two complementary components: an ongoing competition and classroom activities. The competition was organized as follows: every week or so, a group of 4 problems was announced. The solutions were due two weeks later. At the end of a series of 20 problems, the winner was designated for the series. In all, 6 series of problems were given. With a few exceptions, the problems were not original. They were taken from various sources, sometimes translated into English (mainly from Russian), often adapted to the taste of the organizers.

The problems are available here in GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and PS (PostScript) formats. Most browsers will display the GIF version. If you have access to a PostScript Laser Printer, you can download the PostScript version and print it.

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ProMath is a trademark of TeraTech for its ProMath math library for Visual Basic. We thank TeraTech for the permission to continue to use ProMath as the name for our program.