My CV.
Supported by Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant, Convexity and Commutative Algebra (587209).
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The Gorenstein property for projective coordinate rings of the moduli of parabolic SL_2 principal bundles on a smooth curve, joint with Theodore Faust, to appear in Elec. J. Combinatorics.
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Ongoing large scale computation: Hilbert and Markov bases for value semigroups
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Research Projects: Algebra of Conformal BlocksCharacter Varieties and Configuration Spaces Integrable Systems Tropical Geometry and Reductive GroupsTropical Geometry and Newton-Okounkov Bodies
Rational Complexity-One T-Varietes are Well-Poised, Int. Math. Res. Notices (IMRN), 13 (2019) 4198-4232, joint with Nathan Ilten.
Toric bundles, valuations, and tropical geometry over semifield of piecewise linear functions, joint with Kiumars Kaveh.
On degenerations of projective varieties to complexity-one T-varieties, joint with Kiumars Kaveh and Takuya Murata
Tropical geometry and Newton-Okounkov cones for Grassmannian of planes from compacitifications, joint with Jihyeon Jessie Yang.

Spherical Tropical Geometry: A Survey of Recent Developments, Acta Math. Sin. 34 (2018) 3, 454-465, joint with Kiumars Kaveh.