Maple Handbook for Students  Summer 1998 (rev. fall 1999)

Now it comes in four flavors:
1.  A book of worksheets.   download the zipfile and unzip it.  Load the  worksheet hand0.mws into MapleVr5, and start reading/computing.
2.  color postscript version.   download this and read with ghostview (gsview32).  This can be printed and taken where no computer can go.
3.  html version.  Read this off this browser.

4.  pdf version.  Download this and Read with Acrobat This is a zipfile of the book of worksheets (updated some Fall 1999> This is a color postscript version (not updated)

hand98.html Here is an html version (also updated)

hand98.pdf Here is a pdf version (created Fall 2002, not updated)