Ma 375  Communicating Mathematics

A course in using Maple and LaTeX to investigate and  communicate mathematics


Carl Eberhart                                                              Paul Eakin
Starting from the ground level, we will show by example how to pose and investigate mathematical problems,  make up problem sets, and prepare exams  with the Maple language in a  Maple worksheet.   In addition,  we will show how to use the  LaTeX mathematics typesetting language to prepare or modify documents from page length to  book length.  For more details, see the  synopsis  of the course and the class notes (which will accumulate as the semester wears on.

Requirements: You will need access to a machine with Windows95, Internet Access, and a CD rom drive. Also, you will need a copy of the most recent Chisel Disk (Chisel 1.0 Communicating Mathematics ) and MapleV release 4.