Ma 777  Programming for Mathematicians

A course in using Maple and C++ to investigate mathematics

/|\   Exporting Maple words to C++  (color postscript) (worksheets and .cc files in zip)
/|\   More additions to maplelib current version (zip) (run mvlib.mws with maple)
/|\   An operator on graphs. (mws)  and the current version of maplelib (stick in mvmap). (zip)
/|\   Back to maplelib   here is the current version (zip)
/|\   Rolling polygons (mws) and a better network draw (mws)
/|\   The Crackerbarrel Puzzle.  (mws)
/|\   Turtle drawing.  Drawing fractal like figures.(mws)
/|\   A walking leg:  A first effort.  (mws)
/|\   An algebra problem:   Find all 4 element rings rings with unity.  A worksheet.
/|\   Modeling problems:   A worksheet of two investigations
/|\    Problems with polynomials:  A zipfile of three linked worksheets
/|\    Drawing graphsA worksheet (mws) with discussion and examples.
/|\    Debuggingworksheet (mws) with discussion and examples.
/|\    A sample animation (mws)
/|\    More words for maplib.a (mws)
/|\    More on a Maple to C++ library(problem and possible project) (mws)
/|\    Using maple to work on problems (possible project) (mws)
/|\     A zipfile of samples  (the makefile works on chisel, not unix)
/|\     Exporting Maple linear algebra to C++  (mws)
/|\   Classes pointers and references in C++ (html) (mws)
/|\      Cubic Splines (mws)
/|\    Splining data(mws)     Splining data (ps)
/|\      Using make to manage C++ projects
/|\   Polynomial interpolation (html)    Chebyschev nodes  Inverting functions
/|\     Exporting Maple to C++   Maple to C++ #1  Maple to C++ #2  Maple to C++ #3
 |      A syllabus for the course    Brief intro to Maple