Maplets Archive.

  A Maplet is an applet-like object written in Maple.  Here is a collection of quiz, game and exploration maplets written in the past year or two with help from

 Vidya Rangnekar, Sulma Badrudduja, and Paul Eakin.  Please try them out and give me your impressions at

  If you have Maple 9.5 or higher installed, click on the short link (called maplet in each case).  

  Otherwise, click on the long link (Maplenet) to get the applet version.  Note: You need to have JRE 5.0 installed (get it at Java) and some initial

  patience for this to work.

Clock maplet:  a tool to check clock calculations  maplet   clock code by Paul Eakin

Adding continued fractions  maplet 

Adding with carry in 'any' base maplet  by Vidya Rangnekar

Adding fractions  maplet   by Sulma Badrudduja

A tool to fit curves and surfaces to data.   maplet   

Maplet to explore a belt with pulleys   maplet 

Maplet to explore the graphs of quadratic functions  maplet

Fours:  An easy SuDoKu like game  maplet  

Sixes:  An easy SuDoKu like game  maplet   

Nines:  A version of SuDoKu  maplet

Put the cat back together: A reflection game  maplet   

Put the cat back together: A translation game  maplet   

Put the cat back together: A rotation game  maplet

A general purpose differentiation and integration drill  maplet  contributions by Vidya Rangnekar and Sulma Badrudduja

A guess my rule for linear and quadratic functions    maplet   

A maplet to explore sentential calculus  maplet

A drill to add symbolic fractions.   maplet  by Sulma Badrudduja   

A drill on combining symbolic fractions.  maplet  by Sulma Badrudduja

Plot all the roots of a polynomial    maplet  

Euclidean-Aryabhata algorithm for integers  maplet    algorithm code by Paul Eakin

Euclidean-Aryabhata algorithm for polynomials  maplet  algorithm code by Paul Eakin