Communicating Mathematics

with Maple and LaTeX

June 15-July 3, 1998

This three week workshop concentrated on training 26 Central Kentucky High School and Middle School science and math teachers in the use of LaTeX, the mathematical wordprocessing language universally used in the scientific community for disseminating information, and MapleV5, an interactive programming language widely used to investigate and solve problems of a mathematical nature.  
Here is a visual roll of the participants.

Week 1  -- LaTeX
LaTeX2e  help  ctan archive
Monday        Letters to a friend.  Today we will write a letter with LaTeX.  Here is a sample letter (postscript),  with its source (tex) and graphic (eps).   Here is a list of things to do.
Tuesday       Making up Quizzes and Exams.  Today we will make up a quiz and maybe an exam.  Here is a zipfile of quizzes and a list of things to do.
Wednesday   Picture Day, Problem Sets and their keys.  Here is a list of things to do.
Thursday     More graphics, Articles, bibliographies, and indicestodo
Friday         CBLing with Bill Hill
Here is the Visual classroll from Wednesday
Week 2 --  Maple
Maple Handbook  Visual Problem Solving
Monday        Maple basics.  The todo for today is two Maple worksheets and three txt files.  Here is the zip file containing the files.  Download, unzip, and load into Maple.
Tuesday        Visual Problem solving with Maple  Today we look at   topics in visual problem solving.  Here is a  worksheet to start.  Save it to d:\chisel\tmpdir and load into Maple.
Wednesday   Making up Quizzes and Exams, keeping grades with Maple.  Here is the zipfile.
Thursday      Exporting worksheets to LaTeX and HTLM More Visual problem solving.  Here is a zip file.
Friday    Building books of worksheets. The Lottery.  Here is the zip.
Week 3 -- Building books with LaTeX and Maple
Making books with Maple
Monday        Getting hardware right -- Ken Kubota.  Ramp experiments -- Bill Hill.  A todo on using your unix accounts (ftp, telnet, elm).   zip
Tuesday       More todo on using your unix account (posting stuff to your web page).  Exporting books of worksheets to LaTeX.   Here is the zip.    Here is a zip of the Koblitz I text in worksheet form.
Wednesday   A little bit of Perl and postscript.  Here's a zip  Here's a nice Maple worksheet on colors exported to html.  Here's the actual worksheet. colors.mws
Thursday      Planning and Projects for future workshops.  Working with video capture.
Friday          Issues of assessment and evaluation -- Joan Mazur powerpoint slides
Communicating Mathematics:  color postscript.   zipfile of the book of worksheets.