Maps, directions and weather

Notre Dame is (essentially) located in South Bend, Indiana. Here is a page with weather information for the Notre Dame area, including a 5-day forecast.

The three primary ways to get here are

  • Fly to the South Bend Regional Airport and take a cab or the courtesy shuttle to your hotel;
  • Fly to Midway or O'Hare airport in Chicago, take Coach USA (a bus) to Notre Dame, and take a cab to your hotel;
  • Drive.
If you plan to fly, you should find the prices for the first two options and compare. The second option is usually cheaper (but less convenient) than the first, even though Coach USA costs around $55 round trip. It takes roughly three hours to get from Midway or O'Hare to Notre Dame by Coach USA. You board the bus very near to the baggage claim area (buy a ticket before boarding), and take it all the way to Notre Dame. Once at Notre Dame, you should walk to the Morris Inn (about 300 meters) to call a cab - there are usually none at the bus stop. To give you an idea, Coach USA stops just off the lower right-hand corner of this campus map, and you walk up N. Notre Dame Avenue to the Morris Inn.

Here is a map of South Bend, which includes the location of the Notre Dame campus and the airport/train station (called the "Michiana Regional Transportation Center"). Note that the train station in this map is the South Shore line joining South Bend to Chicago, not the Amtrak station. The math department is in the Hurley Building, number 41 on the campus map. Number 41 is located in the middle of the map. Here is another "clickable" map of the Notre Dame campus (in this map the math department is labeled with the number 1032). Here you can also find other information about directions to Notre Dame by air, car and train.