MA 261


Elementary Number Theory
Section 001


Dear Student,

This website has been designed as a means to support you in MA 261, Introduction to Number Theory. In addition to general information on our course policy, this website contains weekly announcements, useful links designed to make your learning experience as easy, rewarding, and as fun as possible.

In this course we will discuss topics from classical number theory, including discussions of mathematical induction, prime numbers, division algorithms, congruences, and quadratic reciprocity. This course will be conducted in an inquiry-based learning style. Your text will contain introductory material, followed by lists of theorems to prove and problems to solve. In this manner, the course material will be developed by the entire class, rather than through lectures from the instructor. You will be responsible for keeping up with the material, being prepared at any time to present your proofs and solutions to the class, and to critique the proofs and solutions of others. Simply searching the internet or other sources for proofs and solutions is not beneficial and not permitted. You will be actively supporting each other as you gain experience and understanding. Multiple ideas and points of view are important. You will benefit from hearing others' approaches to proving and problem solving, and they will benefit from you. So attendance and active participation are required.

We hope that you will have a great semester with us.

Alberto Corso

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