Syllabus for MA 113 (001/002/003) -- Calculus I
Fall Semester 2003

Time and Place (Lectures): 8:00-8:50  MWF, CB 110.

Instructor: Alberto Corso, POT 969, 257-3167, and

Office Hours: 9:00-9:50 MWF in POT 969 or by appointment.
You can also consult me by email.

Time and Place (Recitations): Our class is made of three sections
      (sec. 001) 8:00-9:15am   TR, CB 205;
      (sec. 002) 9:30-10:45am   TR, CP 103;
      (sec. 003) 2:00-3:15pm   TR, CP 287.

Teaching Assistants:
      (sec. 001/002)    David Watson, or;
      (sec. 003)    Ryan McQuerry,

Textbook: Calculus (3rd edition), by James Stewart, ISBN 0-534-21798-2.

Material and Exams: In the first semester, we will learn about derivatives, integrals and the fundamental theorems of calculus, which give the connections between integrals and derivatives. We will begin by introducing the notion of a limit, which is essential to defining derivatives and integrals. By the end of the semester students should know precise definitions of these objects. We will also give an indication of the sorts of problems that can be solved using calculus and discuss the interpretations of the derivative as velocity or slope of a tangent line and the integral as area or distance travelled.
The course will basically cover Chapters 1-5 in the book with three uniform midterms and one final exam.

  • Exam 1 (CB 106 - Sep. 23, 7:30-9:30pm)
  • Exam 2 (CB 106 - Oct. 21, 7:30-9:30pm)
  • Exam 3 (CB 106 - Nov. 18, 7:30-9:30pm)
  • Final exam (KAS 213 - Dec 18, 8:30-10:30pm).
All exams are cumulative in the sense that students are responsible for all of the material that has been on previous exams.

Homework and Quizzes: The homework assignments will not be collected. There will be weekly quizzes (administered during recitation) with problems taken from the homework assignments. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do and understand all the homework problems. In this way you will succeed in the quizzes, in the exams and in the class!

Grades: There are a total of 550 points in the course with 400 earned on 4 departmental exams and 150 points (quizzes) assigned by the instructors. In this model an A requires at least 495 points (>90% or above), B at least 440 (80% or above), C at least 385 (70% or above), D at least 330 (60% or above), E for anything else.

MA193: In addition, to the 4 hours of credit for MA113, the department offers one additional hour of credit as MA193 on a pass/fail basis. You will pass MA193 if you have 0, 1 or 2 unexcused absences. If you have more unexcused absences, you will fail MA193. Your section number for MA193 should equal your section number for MA113. If you drop or change sections of MA113, please make sure to also drop or change sections of MA193.

Mathematics Resource Center: Teaching assistants will be in the Mathematics Resource Center to help with Calculus. This resource center is in the basement of the Classroom Building. A schedule will be circulated early in the semester and will eventually be located at

Calculators: Students may use a graphing calculator on exams and homework. Students may not use a machine with symbolic manipulation capabilities on exams. Thus, no TI-89's, TI-92's, no HP-48's or laptop computers may be used on exams. Please see the lecturer if you have any questions as to whether a particular machine may be used on a test.

Absences: You should attend class. If you must miss a recitation and are registered for MA193, you must explain your absence to your teaching assistant. Otherwise, your absence will be marked as unexcused and this may lead to failing MA193.