Alberto Corso

Teaching, Fall 2011

Syllabus for Ma 565 - Linear Algebra

Time and Place: 03:00-3:50pm  MWF, CB 347

Instructor: Alberto Corso, POT 701, 257-3167,,

Office Hours: open door policy.

Textbook: Linear Algebra (2nd edition), by Kenneth Hofmann and Ray Kunze, ISBN 0-13-536797-2.

Material: We plan to cover the first 6 chapters in the textbook. The topics that we will cover are:

  1. Review of matrix algebra.
  2. Vector spaces; subspaces; bases and dimension.
  3. Linear transformations; matrix representation; coordinates; change of base formula.
  4. Duality: dual, double dual vector spaces; adjoint operators.
  5. Determinants: axiomatic approach.
  6. Characteristic values and characteristic vectors. Invariant subspaces.
  7. Annihilating polynomials: minimal and characteristic polynomials. Cayley-Hamilton Theorem.
  8. Simultaneous triangulation and diagonalization.
  9. Direct sum decompositions.

Grades: The grade for this course will be computed in the following way
       1/3 Midterm
       1/3 Final
       1/3 Problem Sets (given out each week, approximately).