This page has been designed as a means to support the students in my courses. Each course page contains, in addition to general information (see the syllabus), weekly announcements and a collection of past quizzes and practice exams. The homepage of the Mathematics Department is also the gateway to related material posted by other instructors.

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Most of the files contain embedded mathematics. Currently they are being posted (mostly) in PDF format. They are printable by the network printers at the various computer labs on the UK campus. Should you have any problem, just come by my office for a hardcopy.

Obviously my webpage will only be helpful if I get feedback: What kind of stuff should be posted and in what form? Just as important: Got a topic or problem that should be discussed in class? Send it over!
[Tin Tin and Milou]
College Algebra (University of Kentucky): Ma 109.
Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry (University of Kentucky): Ma 110.
Calculus I (University of Kentucky): Ma 113.
Calculus II (University of Kentucky): Ma 114.
Elementary Calculus (University of Kentucky): Ma 123.
Calculus I for the Life Sciences (University of Kentucky): Ma 137.
Calculus II for the Life Sciences (University of Kentucky): Ma 138.
Calculus III (University of Kentucky): Ma 213.
Introduction to Number Theory (University of Kentucky): Ma 261.
Matrix Algebra (University of Kentucky): Ma 322.
History of Mathematics (University of Kentucky): Ma 330.
Elementary Modern Algebra I (University of Kentucky): Ma 361.
Elementary Modern Algebra II (University of Kentucky): Ma 362.
Modern Algebra I (University of Kentucky): Ma 561.
Linear Algebra (University of Kentucky): Ma 565.
Modern Algebra II (University of Kentucky): Ma 661.
Algebra, Geometry and Algorithms (University of Kentucky): Ma 764.
Introduction to Commutative Algebra (University of Kentucky): Ma 764.
Courses taught at Rutgers University: before 1996.
Courses taught at Purdue University: 1996-98.
Courses taught at Michigan State University: 1998-00.
Courses taught at the University of Notre Dame: 2004-05.