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Contact Information

  • Office: POT 902
  • Office Phone: (859) 257-7216
  • E-mail:
  • Office Hours:
    • TR 2:00-3:00PM (POT 902)
    • R 4:00PM-5:00PM (Mathskeller)

About me

I am a teaching assistant and a fifth-year graduate student in the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics. I graduated from Western Kentucky University and from the Honors College at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky with a degree in Mathematics. For my undergraduate Capstone Experience/Thesis project I studied a system of partial differential equations modeling the biology of wound healing under the direction of Dr. Richard Schugart. Currently I work with Dr. Zhongwei Shen studying homogenization in perforated domains.

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

  • MA 123-003: T 3:30PM-4:45PM (Barker Hall-Rm. 303-BH)
  • MA 123-004: T 12:30PM-1:45PM (Fine Arts Building-Rm. 208-FA)
  • MA 123-023: R 2:00PM-3:15PM (Thomas Poe Cooper Building-Rm. 113-TPC)
  • MA 123-024: R 3:30PM-4:45PM (Funkhouser Building-Rm. 307A-FB)

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

  • MA 194-007: TR 12:30PM-1:45PM (Whitehall Classroom Building-Rm. 333-CB)
  • MA 194-008: TR 2:00PM-3:15PM (Whitehall Classroom Building-Rm. 341-CB)

Summer 2014 Session II

Spring 2014

  • MA 194-005: TR 11:00AM-12:15PM (Funkhouser Biological Sciences Building-Rm. 213-FB)
  • MA 194-006: TR 2:00PM-3:15PM (Whitehall Classroom Building-Rm. 335-CB)

Fall 2013

  • MA 110-001: TR 3:30PM-4:20PM (Thomas Hunt Morgan Biology Science Building-Rm. 109-BS)
  • MA 110-002: TR 11:00AM-11:50PM (Whitehall Classroom Building-Rm. 342-CB)

Department of Mathematics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0027, USA
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