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Stephen Deterding’s Research Page


Publications and Preprints:

Bounded point derivation on Rp(X) and approximate derivatives, to appear in Mathematica Scandinavica.

Interpolation and cubature at the Morrow-Patterson nodes generated by different Geronimus polynomials, with L. Harris.

Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Vol. 117A, No. 1 (2017), pp. 5-12



My Research:

My research interests are in the area of rational approximation theory. This was originally motivated by the question of what conditions are necessary on a subset of the complex plane so that any continuous function on the subset can be uniformly approximated by rational functions. Problems in this field are often solved through a combination of functional analysis and classical complex analysis. While the original motivating question is now solved, there are still many unsolved problems in this area. Currently I am studying bounded point derivations, which are linear functionals that generalize the concept of the derivative to functions that may not be differentiable.