UK Algebra Seminar Schedule
Spring 2015

The UK algebra seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2 PM in POT 745, unless stated otherwise.  For more information, please contact Dave Jensen.

February 4Alina IacobGorenstein Projective Precovers
February 11Room reserved for grading
February 18Carl LeeStress and the Stanley-Reisner Ring, Part 2
February 25Liam SolusConnecting Two Problems with a Spectrahedron
March 4Luis Sordo VieiraA Brief Introduction to Quadratic Spaces
March 11Room reserved for grading
March 18
Spring Break -- no seminar
March 25Ralph Morrison
Moduli of Tropical Plane Curves
March 30  (Hayden-Howard lecture, note special day)Rob LazarsfeldSingularities in Algebraic Geometry:  How Many Times Does a Polynomial Vanish at a Point?
April 1Ivan SoprunovOn Zero Dimensional Complete Intersections in the Torus
April 8Jeff GiansiracusaSemirings and Schemes in Tropical Geometry
April 15  (POT 945)Florian KohlEhrhart from Hilbert
April 23  (note special day)Lars ChristensenTate Homology Over Associative Rings
April 29Andrew ObusThe Oort Conjecture and its Generalizations