Scripts for Genetic Algorithm

The Matlab scripts use the PBN Matlab toolbox available here.

  1. PageRank distribution, googleRank.m.

  2. Genetic with Google PageRank, geneticGoogle.m.

  3. Genetic with estimated Alg., geneticEstGoogle.m.

  4. Fitness with Google PageRank, fitnessGoogle.m.

  5. Fitness with estimated Alg., fitnessEstGoogle.m.

  6. Estimated Google, estimatedGoogle.m.

  7. Crossover, crossover.m.

The following are examples from our paper.

  1. Lac-operon model, lacOperon.m.

  2. Phage-Lambda model: transition table, Lambda4.txt and script to compute propensities, LambdaPhage.m.

If you have questions about these files, please email me.