David Murrugarra

My research has concentrated on the development of methods for modeling, analysis, and control of gene regulatory networks. I have focused on discrete methods, which employs techniques from discrete mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory, and computational algebra. Discrete models play an important role in modeling processes that can be viewed as evolving in discrete time, in which state variables have only finitely many possible states. Discrete models do not rely on detailed information about kinetic rate constants and they tend to be more intuitive. My research has also focused on the development of optimal control methods for probabilistic models using techniques from Markov decision processes.

I am also interested in research related to the computational prediction of RNA secondary structure.


Research Interests:

Welcome to my academic website. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kentucky. I am a member of the Applied and Computational Mathematics group where my research is in Mathematical Biology. We run a biweekly seminar and the list of talks can be found here.