United States Geological Survey


National Atlas of the US

Map Related Web Sites

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

Relief Maps of the U.S.

TigerWeb Service from US Census Bureau


Maps and Mapmaking

ESRI - GIS and mapping software

ESRI's ArcPad  

Fugawi/Pinpoint Systems - moving map software, GPS interface

Geodetic Datum – Department of Geography at Colorado University

GIS Data Depot - online resource for GIS and Geospatial Data

Land Info - GIS and digital topographical data

MapQuest – online road maps

Maptech - developers of Terrain Navigator

micropath - USGS digital data products and radio communications engineering software

Omni Resources

TerraServer - aerial photos and satellite images

Topo 3D - 3-dimensional vector topographic maps

TOPO! - distributed by National Geographic

Topozone - online topographic maps

Color Landform Atlas of the United States
USGS Gazetteer
Geography Self Test
Harvard University
Map Collection
Library of Congress
Geography and Map Division
University of Texas Map Collection 
Location Finding Guide


Paper Maps

Raven Maps

W.A. Fischer



United States Geological Survey

Mid-Continent Mapping Center (MCMC)

Western Mapping Center (WMC)


GPS Manufacturers







GPS Information Web Sites

GPS Information

US Naval Observatory GPS Timing


GPS Sales & Review

The GPS Store

GPS City


Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

All About GPS. The Trimble corporation's online tutorial on GPS.
GPS Nuts. Personal user's Web site includes practical guidance, tips, tricks, equipment, software reviews, and other information provided by actual GPS users.
GPS Information Web site. Another personal user's Web site with great tips, tricks, equipment, software reviews, and other GPS information.



Grid & Measurement Conversion Tools

How to Convert Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds

Geodetic Calculation Methods

GeoCentrum Datum of Australia

Units of Measure Conversion

Measurement Conversion Factors



xyHt Magazine



Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint


Useful Sites

          Earth Statistics

          GPS Overview

          How far is it? - plus latitude and longitude  


Waypoints and Editing



GPS Exchange Format



Topographic Map Information

U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps. Everything you need to know about the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic map series: what they are, how to read them, history, ordering information, mapping standards, etc.

Topographic Map Symbols. An online guide to the symbols depicted on USGS topographic maps. Includes example images.
Topographic Map Landforms. An online guide to the landforms depicted on USGS topographic maps. Includes example images.
Geographic Names Information System. Contains information—including geographic coordinates and elevation where available—about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States. From the USGS.

Interactive Topo Maps and Aerial Photography

Interactive topographic maps let you enter a place name or geographic coordinate and see the location on the appropriate topo map.

TopoZone. The Web's first interactive topographic map of the entire United States.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Includes links to free software and data, training/education information, news, and more.
Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies. The University of Arkansas' Guide to Mostly On-Line and Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data. Great place to start your search for GIS data of all types.



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