Teaching Spring 2017

MA 114: Calculus II Recitation (MathExcel)

Final Exam Review

On Tuesday, May 2, I ran the exam review session for MA 114. You can find the notes from the session here.

Important Dates

  • Exam 1: Tuesday, February 7, 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • Exam 2: Tuesday, March 7, 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • Exam 3: Tuesday, April 11, 5:00pm-7:00pm
  • Final Exam: Wednesday, May 3, 6:00pm-8:00pm


The main collection of worksheets can be found on the course webpage. Below, you can find the supplemental problems and worksheets used by the Math Excel sections.

Worksheet 0 Exam II Review Problems Exam II Review Solutions
Exam III Review Problems Exam III Review Solutions Worksheet 23 Solutions