CS 340/Math 340, Applicable algebra

Spring semester 2018

The Course Announcement:

This course is cross-registered between Computer Science and Mathematics.

Here are some of the basic questions of modern life:

Here are some other interesting questions:

The topics of this class are:

Textbook: A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra by Lindsay Childs, Springer-Verlag.
Prerequisite: Matrices and vectors. Math 322 or Math 213 for instance.
The course bulletin: Here is the short course description that is in the course bulletin.
Professor: Richard Ehrenborg.

The course also counts towards a math minor. This follows from the rule "Six additional hours of mathematics courses numbered greater than 213."

I look forward to seeing you in January 2018. If you are unable to register for CS 340, try registering for Math 340.

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