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MA123 Homework #4
Due Tuesday, September 22

Read and study sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the textbook.

Work the following problems:



  1. The exam will be in a different room. I will announce the room in class as soon as I know it, and I will also put it on the course webpage.
  2. CALCULATORS WILL BE PERMITTED, but you will still have to show your work. For example, if I ask you to determine the intercepts of a graph, you will have to solve some equations, and you will not be permitted to simply let the calculator compute the intercepts for you (most calculators can do this).
  3. The exam questions will be similar (but not necessarily identical!) to the homework questions. So how do you know if you are ready for the exam? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE redoing every homework problem, and related problems and examples from the text, so that you can work each one of them QUICKLY AND CORRECTLY. Put yourself into test conditions. Time yourself. Find a partner and shoot questions at each other. If you hesitate in answering them, you might not be ready yet.

Carl Lee
Tue Oct 6 13:37:48 EDT 1998