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MA310 Homework #4

Due Friday, March 5.

  1. Problem 24 ``100''. Include (1) an explanation and justification of how to play this game successfully, (2) an explanation and justification of how to play the game successfully if ``100'' and ``6'' are changed to other numbers, and (3) comments on how you discovered the solution in the first place.
  2. Problem 25 ``Penny Piles''. Explain as much as you know about playing this game successfully. Include a description and justification of the ``good'' and ``bad'' positions that you know so far (maybe you know all of them!)
  3. Problem 27 ``Number Guessing Cards''. Explain how the ``magician'' can quickly determine the selected number. Why does this distribution of the numbers on the cards work? Justify your answer.
  4. Problem 28(1) ``Weird Multiplication'' (First Method). Explain why this method of multiplication works.

Carl Lee
Mon Mar 1 07:53:44 EST 1999