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Due Wednesday, September 1

Please note that there will be no class on Friday, August 27. I will reschedule this class at a later date.

Problems to turn in:

  1. Problem #4 of Section 2.4 of the textbook.
  2. Problem #8 of Section 2.4 of the textbook.
  3. Finish filling in the details of Section 1.2 of the course notes.
  4. Find and run the program Maple (this is available in various computer labs) and type in the commands from the Maple worksheet tetra.mws yourself. Print out the results and include with your homework.
Problems to do but not to turn in:
  1. If we haven't done this in class, do problems #1 and #2 of Section 1.4 of the course notes.
Optional (definitely a challenge!): Problem #3 of Section 1.3 of the course notes. Give this to your family and friends to for something to do over the Labor Day weekend!

Carl Lee
Tue Aug 24 13:04:24 EDT 1999