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Carl Lee
Due Wednesday, September 3

Problems to turn in:

  1. Problem #4 of Section 2.4 of the textbook.
  2. Problem #8 of Section 2.4 of the textbook.
  3. Finish filling in the details of Section 1.2 of the course notes.
  4. Problems #2 and #3 of Section 1.3 of the course notes. In fact, it might be easier to do #3 before #2. Give #3 to your family and friends to help you solve over the Labor Day weekend!
  5. Access the webpage for this course, by looking at my webpage: You can do this, for example, from the Macintosh computers in the King Library computer lab. Make a note on your homework confirming that you have done this.
Problems to do but not to turn in:
  1. If we haven't done this in class, do problems #1 and #2 of Section 1.4 of the course notes.

Carl Lee
Wed Aug 27 14:58:34 EDT 1997