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Syllabus for MA 502
Seminar in Selected Topics
Fall 1998

Course: MA 502, TR 2:00-3:15, DH 135

Instructor: Carl Lee

Office: 967 Patterson Office Tower

Phone: 257-1405 (or 257-3336 to leave a message)


Web Page:

Office Hours: To be announced. In the meantime, just give me a call or see me in class to make an appointment.

Text: There is no text for the courses. We will be using a variety of handouts, readings, and class notes.

Calculators and Computers: Students should have access to a graphic calculator, such as the TI-83, for use from time to time during the semester. I plan to also make use of some software on campus, such as Maple and the Geometer's Sketchpad.

Homework: Homework will usually be due weekly, but there may be some variation in this during the semester.

  1. Problems are assigned to be solved. Searching books or the library for solutions is not permitted unless explicitly allowed for some particular assignment (e.g., trying to locate some historical information).
  2. On regular assignments you may discuss the problems with other current class members and with me, but not with anyone else. However, when it comes time for you to write up the solutions, I expect you to do this on your own, and it would be best for your own understanding if you put aside your notes from the discussions with your classmates and wrote up the solutions entirely from scratch. In any case, if you receive assistance from another class member, include a written acknowledgment. Such an acknowledgment is a professional courtesy and will not affect your grade.
  3. On take-home exams (if any), you may turn to me for questions, but to no other individual or source for assistance.

Exams: There will probably be two or three exams during the semester. There is a possibility that one or more of these may be take-home.

Project: There will be no final exam, but everyone will be required to complete a project during the course of the semester. My goal is that these projects have a written component (in the form of a web page) as well as an oral component (in the form of a classroom presentation).


Homework:		40%

Exams: 45%

Project: 15%

Absences: A University excuse from a scheduled class activity such as an exam must be presented in writing no later than two weeks prior to the date of the absence. An absence due to illness or family emergency may be excused, provided that you can supply acceptable written evidence if required, and that you notify me as soon as possible. Notification is almost always possible immediately upon occurrence of an emergency. If you're too sick to telephone, you can get a friend to do it. Failure to make such timely notification may result in denial of your request. For an explanation of valid excused absences, refer to U.K.'s Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Cheating: The University's minimum penalty for cheating or plagiarism is a failure in the course. Cheating or plagiarism can lead to expulsion from the university. See Student Rights and Responsibilities for information on cheating, plagiarism, and penalities. It's not worth it, so don't do it.

Course Content: Partially guided by the NCTM Standards, I will choose specific topics to focus on, selected from a broad range of mathematics such as mathematical structures, functions, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, probability, and discrete mathematics. The topics will be chosen to highlight not only important content, but to provide a good context to strengthen familiarity with and abilities in reasoning, problem solving, and communication.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, August 26			First day of classes

Wednesday, September 2 Last day to add

Monday, September 7 Labor Day, no classes

Wednesday, September 16 Last day to drop without a ``W''

Friday, October 2 Fall Break, no classes

Monday, October 19 Midterm of the Fall semester

Friday, October 23 Last day to withdraw with a ``W''

Thursday-Saturday, November 26-28 Thanksgiving holidays, no classes

Friday, December 11 Last day of classes

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Carl Lee
Tue Aug 25 12:22:29 EDT 1998