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MA515 Homework Policy
Carl Lee

  1. Problems are assigned to be solved. Searching the textbooks or the library for solutions is not permitted.
  2. On regular assignments you may discuss the problems with other current class members and with me, but not with anyone else. However, when it comes time for you to write up the solutions, I expect you to do this on your own, and it would be best for your own understanding if you put aside your notes from the discussions with your classmates and wrote up the solutions entirely from scratch. In any case, if you receive assistance from another class member, include a written acknowledgment. Such an acknowledgment is a professional courtesy and will not affect your grade.
  3. On take-home exams (if any), you may turn to me for questions, but to no other individual or source for assistance.

Carl Lee
Tue Aug 26 15:15:46 EDT 1997