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MA618 Homework #2
Due Friday, February 5

Problems to turn in

  1. Problem (Scheduling) p.10
  2. Problem (Cuts) p.12
  3. Problem (Dual rank function) p.15
  4. Problem (Dual of a linear matroid) p.15
  5. Problem (Cocircuits and coloops) p.15
Problems to do but not to turn in
  1. Exercise (Maximum-weight spanning tree) p.10
  2. Exercise (Scheduling) p.11
  3. Exercise (Maximum-weight spanning tree) p.12
  4. Exercise (Maximum-weight spanning tree) p.15
  5. Exercise (Scheduling) p.15
  1. Problem (Swapping algorithm) p.12
  2. Problem (Minors of matroids) p.15

Carl Lee
Fri Jan 29 07:52:18 EST 1999