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MA618 Homework #6
Due Wednesday, April 21

Problems to turn in

  1. Problem (Finding a feasible v-w flow) p.74. For convenience, let's assume that tex2html_wrap_inline16 for all arcs e.
  2. Problem (Vertex packing in bipartite graphs) p.75.
  3. Problem (Chvátal-Gomory cutting planes) p.80.
  4. Problem (Matching and Chvátal-Gomory cutting planes) p.80.
  5. Problem (Vertex packing and Chvátal-Gomory cutting planes) p.81.
Problems to do but not to turn in
  1. Exercise (Chvátal-Gomory cutting plane) p.80.

Carl Lee
Wed Mar 31 11:47:19 EST 1999