First time logging in

WebAssign is free until Wed Jan 25, 2017, so please login early and start on the homework.

You must login through Canvas, click on our course, then Modules, then WebAssign, then Load... and it should take you to a screen that looks like: initial login screen

Unless you already have a WebAssign account form another course or another semester, choose the light blue button on the bottom right that says “I don't have a WebAssign account” and it will ask you if you are you (yes) and what username you would like to use. I suggest using your LinkBlue ID. initial login screen

Now it will ask you to pay...

Paying for WebAssign

You can use WebAssign for free until the end of Sep 6, 2016. If you haven't paid it yet, it will show you this screen: continue free trial

I suggest continuing your free trial until around Friday Sep 2 in case you switches classes or have financial changes. To pay for WebAssign you can go through the UK Bookstore with two options:

These are the second options, "enter a code". You can also buy the materials directly:

These are the top option, and the next page looks like: buy it for $100, or get by with $50

Once you've continued to the free trial or entered a UK Bookstore access code or paid for it online, you should go the homework.


WebAssign shows most of the assignments, but will sometimes leave out ones far in the future, or in the past. If you were granted a homework extension (or need to request one), the past assignments are way at the bottom: past assignments at the bottom of the assignment list

Submit versus Save

On most problems you have many tries to complete the homework, so usually if you think you have the right answer, you should "Submit" your work. If you're getting close to the end of your tries (then see study habits further down), then you may want to save progress and take it to your study group or tutor without using up another try. Submit button vs Save progress, use Submit

However, the Save Progress button does not actually change your homework grade for the better: it leaves it right where it was before you pushed it. So if you haven't gotten the problem right yet, then it is still not marked right, even if the answer you saved was right.

Study habits

Some students submit every answer they can think of in hopes of getting the homework problem right. This means that 90 times they get it wrong, and 1 time they get it right (hopefully). Which answer are they going to remember on the exam? The 90 wrong answers will be a stronger learning experience than the 1 right answer, and they will have learned the wrong thing. The exam will detect this, and they will not do well on the exam.

If you have trouble with a problem, find an easier problem. If there is a "practice" button or a "see an example" button, use them. Form a study group! College is way too hard to do on your own, and the people in your class will be valuable contacts during the next four years at UK and even more so once you enter the work force.

The pictures don't match!

If the pictures from above don't match what you see, and instead you see Trouble Logging In? then you can just close that browser window, it has taken you down a terrible path. If you are using an Apple product, like a MacBook or an iPad then make sure you are using a recent version or try using “Google Chrome” for the homework. Old versions of the Apple program called “Safari” don't work with WebAssign.

Instead, go back to Canvas, and click on your course in the Dashboard: Canvas Dashboard

That should take you to a menu that looks like: Canvas menu, pick Modules

That should take you to a list that probably only has the homework (and the clickers, if you are in a 70 person section). First load button

After you click that one, it'll take you to a very boring screen asking you to basically click it again, sorry. Load... again

Now you should see the screen referred to above.