MA109 Online (College Algebra) - Summer 2014
Web Homework

We will will be using WebAssign in this class. You will be enrolling yourself in the online portion of the course. To register for the course, you will need to know your class key. Each section has a different class key. Check your schedule to determine your section number. Then find your class key in the list below.
  • Section 220: uky 5849 1657
As you complete the enrollment process, you will be asked for your institution. Whenever you are asked for your institution, you will need to give the institution code which is uky.

After you have registered for WebAssign you should begin working on the first homework assignment to familiarize yourself with the system. This is assignment is not a mathematics assignment. You will notice several things as you work through this assignment. Can you tell when you have answered a question correctly? How do you make sure that you have submitted your answers? Try this, click on the plus sign beside a question number. Notice that you only have a limited number of attempts for each question. This may vary from question to question and assignment to assignment. Make sure that you know how many attempts you have, how many you have used, and how many are left. If you are about to exhaust all of your attempts, then you should definitely ask for help.

*  A Video to Walk You Through WebAssign

*  A Power Point Presentation to Help You Get Started With WebAssign