Overview of MA 111

MA 111, Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, is an introduction to concepts and applications of mathematics, with examples drawn from such areas as voting methods, consumer finance, graph theory, number theory, geometry, topology, and game theory.

UK Core: This course satisfies the Quantitative Foundations requirement of the UK Core General Education program.

This course is not available for credit to persons who have received credit in any mathematics course of a higher number with the exceptions of MA 112, 123, 162, 201 and 202. This course does not serve as a prerequisite for any calculus course. Credit not available on the basis of special examination. Prereq: Two years of high school algebra and a Math ACTE score of 19 or above, or MA 108R, or math placement test.

This course is an introduction to some modern mathematical methods in application to real life problems. It is expected that by the end of the semester, students acquire an informal understanding of a variety of new mathematical methods and are able to appreciate their power and beauty. Students will demonstrate proficiency with number sense and with functional relationships, apply fundamental elements of mathematical knowledge to model and solve problems drawn from real life.

Course Goals: