Alternate Exam Request Form Instructions

Students requiring an alternate exam will need to fill out an alternate exam request form. As per item in the Student Affairs Handbook, a student who has a course scheduled at the same time as an MA 123 exam is entitled to take an alternate exam, provided the student has informed the instructor at least two weeks prior to the exam. Your instructor reserves the right to refuse to allow you an alternate exam, or to levy a 10 point penalty on your exam score, if he or she is not informed of the conflict two weeks before the exam.

To fill out an alternate exam request for any one of the exams, or for all of them, use the following link: Alternate Exam Form. The form will ask you about ALL FOUR exams; if you have a conflict with only one exam, just indicate that you will take the others at the regular time. Please remember that your schedule is different during final exam week. The final exam schedule can be found on the university registrar's site here.