Supplement: Exponential and logarithmic functions


  1. Video S.1: Review of exponential notation, rational and negative exponents laws of exponents, exponential functions and their graphs
    Theory TBA
  2. Video S.2: Review of logarithms, laws of logarithms, logarithmic functions and their graphs, common logarithms and natural logarithms
    Theory TBA
  3. Video S.3: Derivatives of exponential functions and logarithmic functions, derivative formulas using the chain rule
    Examples 1-3
  4. Video S.4: Additional problems
    Examples 4-9
  5. Video S.5: Exponential growth and decay
    Example 10
  6. Video S.6: Applications involving continuously compounded interest
    Examples 11-13
  7. Video S.7: Applications involving population growth, exponential growth model, doubling time
  8. Video S.8: Applications involving radioactive decay, radioactive decay model, half-life
    Example 18