The online homework can be accessed through the following website
Your username is your linkblue user ID (with lowercase letters), and your password is your student ID number (without the leading 9).

You may attempt a problem as many times as you like. Only your final (and hopefully correct!) answer will be recorded for your homework grade. Additional attempts at a problem need not be made in the same online session, so you can reattempt the problem after getting help from your instructor. If you submit the correct answer to a problem before the due date, you receive full credit for the problem.

Due Dates: Each homework set is clearly marked in WeBWorK with its due date. All homeworks are due by 11pm EDT on the due date. It is your responsibility to make sure you complete the homeworks in time.

Caution: The homework policy is generous in that you can attempt a homework problem as many times as needed. After each attempt, the computer tells you whether your answer is correct or not. During an exam, there is no immediate feedback. You must answer the question correctly the first time. In order to be well prepared for the exam, you must be able to work a problem correctly the first time without receiving feedback that a mistake has been made. Practice the homework problems enough so that you can do this. Receiving a high score in the homework might not be enough preparation for the exams if many of the homework problems were worked correctly only after multiple attempts.

If you submit an incorrect answer to a homework problem, the first thing to check is the syntax you used to submit the answer. A typo will obviously result in an incorrect answer. If you check the syntax carefully, and your answer is still incorrect, go back and rework the problem. It is often better to work other problems first, since it is quite easy to make the same error over and over. If after several attempts, you do not get a correct answer, then get help from your instructor. Although the answers to all problems have been checked, it is still possible that there is an error in the system.

To read how to you can get help with the coursework and homework, click here.

The due dates are indicated on the homework sets. It is your responsibility to check these dates. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE EVENING OF THE DUE DATE to do the homework. No homework can be accepted late.