Piazza is a forum for the students and instructors in MA 123 Online to post questions and receive answers. You may access Piazza through Canvas.

If you get stuck during the course, you can look at Piazza to see if someone else has gotten stuck on a similar problem. If there is a similar problem with a reply, see if you can follow the arguments, adapting them to match your problem. If there doesn't appear to be any help, please post your question and your instructor or another student will write back with help. When you post a question, please try and give all of the details of the equation etc, or clearly reference the problem i.e. WebWork homework 12 problem 2.

Students are encouraged to check Piazza regularly and to help other students. Students who give good responses will be endorsed by the instructor so that you know they are correct. Your instructor reserves the right to modify or delete any posts that are incorrect, etc. Students who help other students on Piazza will be noted, and this may be persuasive evidence at the end of the semester for anyone who is particularly close to the next grade up.

Please remember that Piazza is a great resource but not your only resource. You are welcome to use the email your instructor facility in WeBWorK or to email your instructor directly. Note that for some WeBWorK emails your instructor may reply pointing you to a particular answer on Piazza. You should try and follow this answer before asking for more help.