The text listed in #1 below is the official text for the course. It is very readable and has many worked out examples. The Lecture Notes in #2, which are based on the official text, are the primary source of material for the course. The online videos and online homework are based on these Lecture Notes.
The set of notes listed under #3 below is available for free online. The fourth text listed below is a good study guide for students.

  1. Calculus by Elliot Gootman. The book is published by Barron's, and it will be the primary text for the course. The book can be purchased from the UK Bookstore , Kennedy Bookstore, or online. We shall cover the first ten (10) chapters of this book.
  2. Lecture Notes by Alberto Corso and David Leep. (Click here to download.)
  3. A Brief Introduction to Calculus by Robert Molzon. (Click here to download.)
    This is a set of notes that you may find useful for basic concepts. You might want to download the notes and print a copy. The initial part of the course will review algebra, and these notes should be very useful for that review.
  4. How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide by C. Adams, J. Hass, and A. Thompson.
    This inexpensive book might be a useful guide to study methods for calculus and math in general.