MA123 Course Text

Detailed notes with the plan for each chapter have been written in order to assist you throughout the course. They will be used as a primary means of instruction.

This course has about 160 pages of lecture notes and recitation worksheets. These pages can be printed on campus printers for about 12 cents per page, (see UK's IT site for current pricing information) which would total a bit less than $20. You might prefer to consider the following other alternatives:

  1. You can use your private printer to print the pages.
  2. You can view the notes on your own computer.

We recommend that you review the lecture notes before attempting the homework. It is best to treat the original copy as a worksheet, fill in what answers you can, and only consult the versions with answers to check your work or if you get stuck.

There are also links to video lectures of each example in the course text starting with Chapter 2.