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UK MA162 Spring 2015

Schedule, Reading Assignments, and Course Materials

You are expected to read the assigned sections of the textbook and supplemental course notes. You should complete the relevant readings BEFORE the dates on the schedule. Don't worry if you don't immediately understand everything from the readings; the point of the lectures is to help clarify the subtle or difficult issues. However, the lectures will assume that you have at least attempted the readings.
Unit 1: Linear Algebra
  1. Overview of Linear Algebra
    January 15 - February 9
    The first unit of the course is concerned with elementary linear algebra.
    We will follow Chapter 2 of the textbook
    If you are rusty with computing equations of lines or solving single linear equations, please review Chapter 1 of the book and your lecture notes.
    Exam 1
    • Topic: Linear Algebra
    • Date: Monday, February 9, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Unit 2: Linear Programming
Unit 3: Counting and Probability
Unit 4: Financial Mathematics

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