MA 213:  Exam 1 Info

Here is some information for the first exam:
  • There will be no multiple choice questions.  All the questions must be answered in full. Complete solutions are expected.
  • There will be 11 questions on the exam, all selected from the WebWork questions and the assigned questions from Stewart's book.
  • You can use a standard scientific calculator for numerical calculations.  Computers and calculators capable of symbolic calculations or having a QWERTY keybord are not allowed.  All electronic devices (such as smartphones, Kindle, etc.) must be turned off.
  • You are not allowed to bring any lists of formulas, even if prepared by yourself.  A table of basic quadric forms will be attached to the exam.  Click here to view this form.  You are encouraged to practice using this table while working on the assigned problems from section 12.6.
  • You may be requested to show your Student ID. Don't forget to bring it with you.
  • You will need to know your section number.  This is very important!  If you indicate an incorrect section number, your exam paper could be lost.