MA 361: Elementary Modern Algebra I

Fall 2019
Max Kutler


This is a first course in abstract algebra. Broadly, algebra is the study of sets endowed with certain binary operations. In this course, we shall study the algebraic structures called groups, rings, and fields. A strong emphasis will be placed on communicating mathematics clearly and effectively.

Course Syllabus


Max Kutler, max.kutler(at)uky(dot)edu, POT 707.

Office hours: 11 AM-12 PM MTR, and by appointment


A First Course in Abstract Algebra, 7th ed., by John B. Fraleigh

For purchase: UK Bookstore, Amazon


Homework will be due each Monday and Thursday.

You are encouraged to discuss the homework with other members of the class. If you do so, you should acknowledge their assistance on your submitted homework. Furthermore, you should feel free to use sources beyond your textbook, personal notes, and past homework when crafting your solutions. You must, however, cite any such sources, and you must write up all of your final solutions on your own.