Papers and Preprints

  1. The motivic zeta functions of a matroid, with David Jensen and Jeremy Usatine; preprint.
  2. Hyperplane arrangements and mixed Hodge numbers of the Milnor fiber, with Jeremy Usatine; preprint.
  3. Motivic zeta functions of hyperplane arrangements, with Jeremy Usatine; preprint.
  4. Faithful tropicalization of hypertoric varieties; preprint.
  5. Self-intersections of two-dimensional equilateral random walks and polygons, with Maggie Rogers and Nicholas Pippenger; preprint.
  6. On q-analogs of recursions for the number of involutions and prime order elements in symmetric groups, with Ryan Vinroot; J. Integer Seq. 13 (2010), no. 3, Article 10.3.6, 12 pp.

Slides and posters

  1. Faithful tropicalization of hypertoric varieties, Student Tropical Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Yale University, June 2016.
  2. Faithful tropicalization of hypertoric varieties poster, WAGS, October 2016.
  3. Tropical cohomology and linear spaces (expository), Student Tropical Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Yale University, May 2014.