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My research is in Algebraic Combinatorics, where I've worked on a wide variety of projects relating to the cd-index of the diamond product of posets, cyclotomic factors of the descent set polynomial, the hyperpfaffian of skew-symmetric polynomials, and the infinite cd-index of the extreme Coxeter group.  Links to pdf files of my publications and preprints are below.

(1) A Sign-reversing Involution for an Extension of Torelli's Pfaffian Identity (with Richard Ehrenborg), Discrete Math. 332 (2014) 69-74. arXiv: 1408.6405
(2) The Descent Set Polynomial Revisited (with Richard Ehrenborg), to appear in European Journal of Combinatorics
(3) A Lattice Path Interpretation of the Diamond Product, submitted to Annals of Combinatorics
(4) The Infinite cd-index and the Extreme Coxeter Group (with Richard Ehrenborg), in preparation