Dr. Olivia Prosper


Contact information:
Office: Patterson Office Tower 769
E-mail: Olivia.Prosper@uky.edu
Phone: 859-257-6795

Office hours:

By appointment, or
see course webpages for
MA/BIO 337 and MA 481G below.

Current Courses:

Spring 2018
MA 337 and BIO 337 Mathematical Modeling in the Life Sciences
MA 481G: Differential Equations

Current position


Department of Mathematics, University of Florida

Research interests:

Mathematical Biology, including...
-Modeling disease dynamics at multiple scales, erythropoiesis, mosquito population dynamics
-Determining implications of heterogeneity in population dynamics
-Determining optimal strategies for disease control
-Applied differential equations
-Parameter estimation in dynamic models

Some recent publications (for full list, see CV):

S. DebRoy, O. Prosper, A. Mishoe, and A. Mubayi. Challenges in Modeling Complexity of Neglected Tropical Diseases: Assessment of Visceral Leishmaniasis Dynamics in Resource Limited Settings, Emerging themes in epidemiology, 14(1) (2017) p. 10.

L. Childs and O. Prosper. Simulating Within-Vector Generation of the Malaria Parasite Diversity. PLoS ONE, 12(5) (2017) e0177941.

C.N. Ngonghala, J. Mohammed-Awel, R. Zhao and O. Prosper. Interplay between insecticide-treated bed-nets and mosquito demography: implications for malaria control. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 397 (2016) p. 179-192.

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