Trouble Getting Your Computer to Display Math?

If you ask a question through e-mail or using Web Assign's "Ask your teacher" feature, you may receive a reply that looks something like

\[\left[\begin{array}{cccc|c} 1&7&8&2&3 \\ 4&2&4&9&7 \\ 3&5&7&1&8 \\ \end{array}\right]\]

How to make sense out of such a mess?

  1. is G-mail pluggin. Install this in order to read math inside of g-mail e-mails. (Supposedly, this pluggin works with most e-mail programs, not just g-mail. I had to log in and out of G-mail a few times before this started working correctly.)
  2. start ChatJax Don't click this link. It is not a link to a web site!
    ^^drag this^^ to your bookmark bar or right click on it to add it as a bookmark.
    Now whenever you see this \[\begin{bmatrix}8&2\\ \end{bmatrix}\] or $ \binom{6}{2} $ stuff in a webpage, just click the "ChatJax" bookmark.
    (ChatJax does not seem compatible with e-mail programs.)
  3. If neither of the above work, just copy the text onto your clipboard, and paste it into the text box at the MathJax page.