University of Kentucky

MA/CS 522 - Matrix Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra I

Fall 2019

MWF 1:00 - 1:50pm, CB 341


     Dr. Qiang Ye
     Office: 735 Patterson Office Tower
     Email: qye3 "at" uky . edu
     Office Hours:  MWF 2:00-3:00



     Access to a computer on which a recent version of MATLAB runs is required  for this course. MATLAB documentation is available from at least two sources.  First,  MATLAB  has an extensive on-line help facility  (just type "help"  or  "help commandname"  in MATLAB).  Second,  Matlab Primer 3.5 is a free brief manual only slightly out of date. Molerís book also provides a good introduction to MATLAB.

UK has a campus-wide license for MATLAB, which you can download here.

The Free Software Foundation's Matlab clone called  Octave  may also be used by those who do not have access to MATLAB.  

Course Coverage

     The course studies numerical algorithms and their theoretical background and analysis for solving dense linear algebra problems that include linear systems of equations, linear least squares problems, matrix eigenvalue problems, and matrix singular value problems. It will cover most of the first five chapters of the text.

Homework and Exams

    There will be about nine homeworks, a midterm exam and a final exam. They contribute 60%, 15%, and 25% respectively towards the grade. More information will be posted here when available.

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