University of Kentucky

MA/CS/EGR 537 Numerical Analysis
Section 2 - Spring 2016
MWF 11:00-11:50 in CB 341

Dr. Qiang Ye
735 Patterson Office Tower, Phone: 257-4653, Email: qye3 "at" uky . edu
Office Hours: M: 2-3 pm; WF: 3-4pm.


Course Coverage

     The course studies numerical algorithms and related theory for solving a variety of mathematical problems. The following topics will be covered:


    The course grade will be based on homeworks (55%), a midterm exam (15%) and a final exam (30%).


     Some assigned homework problems will require programming in MATLAB (or Octave). For those who have not used MATLAB before, this free book by Moler (Introduction to MATLAB) provides a good introduction.   MATLAB  also has an extensive on-line help facility  (just type "help"  or  "help commandname"  in MATLAB). 

Homeworks and Exams:

Demonstration Programs

The following are some MATLAB demonstration codes. You can run them online at Octave online.