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Special Session: Advances in Algebraic & Geometric Combinatorics

Spring Southeastern Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society
University of Kentucky
, Lexington Kentucky
March 27--28, 2010



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Schedule of Events

Each talk is scheduled for 20 minutes, with 10 minutes left for questions or a break before the following talk.
The talks for this session will be held in 209 Classroom Building (209 CB).
The official session schedule with abstracts is here.

Classroom Building 106

Combinatorics 2010: Advances, Trends and Speculations Workshop

9:00 am Invited address: Sara Billey, "A stratification of branched polymer space"
10:00 am Coffee and discussion
11:00 am Invited address: Isabella Novik, "Lower bound theorems for spheres, manifolds, and pseudomanifolds"
12:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Invited address: Patricia Hersh, "A combinatorial topological toolkit for stratified spaces"
3:00 pm Coffee and discussion
4:00 pm Invited address: Stephanie van Willigenburg, "Quasisymmetric refinements of Schur functions"
6:00 pm Workshop dinner: Rincon Mexicano, 818 Euclid Avenue

Classroom Building 209
8:30 am Nathan Reading, "The Hopf algebra and lattice (and polytope?) of rectangulations"
9:00 am Kurt Luoto, "Quasisymmetric and noncommutative Schur functions"
9:30 am Russ Woodroofe, "Erdos-Ko-Rado theorem for simplicial complexes"
10:00 am Saul Blanco, "Descent set distribtution of labelings on Bruhat paths"
10:30 am Carly Klivans, "A geometric interpretation of the characteristic polynomial of a hyperplane arrangement"

2:30 pm Gabor Hetyei, "Tridiagonal operators and Viennot's combinatorial theory of orthogonal polynomials"
3:00 pm Matjaz Konvalinka, "Weighted branching formulas for the hook lengths"
3:30 pm Eric Clark, "The Frobenius poset"
4:00 pm Eran Nevo, "Face enumeration: from spheres to flag spheres"
4:30 pm Alex Yong, "Some Grobner degeneration of Kazhdan-Lusztig ideals and multiplicities of Schubert varieties"

Classroom Building 209
8:00 am Ed Swartz, "f-vectors, descent sets and the weak order"
8:30 am Aaron Lauve, "QSym over Sym has a stable basis"
9:00 am Pasha Pylyavskyy, "Intrinsic energy is a loop Schur function"
9:30 am Catherine Yan, "Mixed statistics on 01-filings of moon polyominoes"
10:00 am Andy Frohmader, "Flag f-vectors of colored complexes"
10:30 am Tom Zaslavsky, "Signed graphs, lattice points, and social psychology"

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