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MA 109: College Algebra
Sections 014 & 016; Fall 2014


I will NOT update this website throughout the semester. This is only here to direct you to the other webpages we will be using this semester for MA 109.


The syllabus can be found from the "Instructor Info and Syllabi" link on the left side of the main MA 109 website: [Main MA 109 Website]. Please make sure to select the correct section (either 014 or 016) when you look at the syllabus.

Online Homework

The online homework will be done through Web Assign. You can access Web Assign by going through our course on [Blackboard]. All assignments for the semester are already posted.

Lecture Notes

A set of notes that you can use to follow the slides in class may be found through Web Assign. These notes are under the resources tab. I strongly recommend printing these to use during class. Completed versions will become available on Web Assign after we get through the notes in class.