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Last updated on 11 Dec 2014 17:30:58
MA 162: Finite Mathematics
Sections 001-008; Fall 2014


The main course syllabus is available as a [pdf]. The recitation syllabi for each section are below.

Online Homework

The online homework will be done on [Web Assign]. If you need a reminder of how to setup your Web Assign account, here is an instruction guide that walks you through the process [WebAssign Setup Instructions].

Lecture Slides/Recommended Readings/Suggested Practice Problems

The lecture slides for the course will be posted here. Filled-in versions from class will be posted prior to the exams. Simply reading the slides will not be sufficient preparation for exams because many things that I say in class will not be written on the slides. Tentative dates that the notes will be used are also listed. This section also includes the recommended readings for the course and suggested homework problems. These will be listed with each chapter.

Recitation Files

Below you will find recitation worksheets, quizzes, and solutions to both. These will be posted continually as the semester progresses. You are responsible for having the worksheet with you during recitations. Worksheets will be posted by Wednesday morning of each week.