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MA 162: Finite Mathematics
Sections 017-020; Spring 2015


The main course syllabus is available as a [pdf]. The recitation syllabi for each section are below.

Course Webpage

The main course webpage can be found by following the link [MA 162] and clicking on the current semester.

Clicker Info

Please carefully read the information about clickers in the syllabus. You will need to register your clicker in Blackboard. More detailed instructions and some common problems can be found in the following file: [Clicker Info].

Online Homework

The online homework will be done using Web Assign which is linked through [Blackboard]. There will be a Web Assign link on the side of the menu inside our class in Blackboard that will take you to your homework. Homeworks are typically due Tuesday and Friday evening at 6PM.

Lecture Slides/Recommended Readings/Suggested Practice Problems

The lecture slides for the 2pm lecture will be posted here. Filled-in versions from class will be posted prior to the exams. Simply reading the slides will not be sufficient preparation for exams because many things that I say in class will not be written on the slides. This section also includes the recommended readings for the course and suggested homework problems. These will be listed with each chapter.


Exams are not held during class. The dates and times are below.